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I haven't posted in this journal for years so I thought that I should give it a go.
Why do I do this to myself? I love good quality sheets and while out today I wandered into the shop which sells my favourite brand. They are pure cotton and are a thousand count. Normally, they are about $400 a set but they were having a sale - 40% off. I put two pairs on lay bye. I'll pay them off very quickly but still I really didn't need to buy. I just cant refuse a bargain.
I also spent 2 hours at the gym and then 2 hours at the public library. I'm transferring all my ebooks on to a new memory card and it is taking forever. I have over 5000 books now. I can use my Mac at home to set up the folders for the books but I have to use the PCs at the library to copy the books onto the card - if I try it at home my Mac creates false files which is a real pain.
I'll be creating more files tonight and then going back to the library tomorrow to transfer more books. I not buying any more books until this job is complete.
Wish me luck.



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