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I had to go to the physio yesterday. I've been having trouble with my right arm - I can't life anything without pain. The doctor was at a loss - no suggestions which would help.
In the end, the physio tells me that I have been overcompensating in the need to protect my left arm.
My cancer was in my left breast and a lymph node was taken from that side. I was told that I had to be careful from then on - blood pressure and blood tests all had to be taken from my right arm.
Subconsciously, I have been using my right arm for everything - including lifting heavy weights - and the bicep has thickened noticeably. It's so bad in fact there is a danger of actually rupturing it. If this happens it means more surgery. So, I now have to start doing more with my left arm and I have to stretch my right bicep as much as possible.
If it's not one thing...
On a totally different matter, I am now researching the iPad Pro. I have an iPad Air 2 right now and the battery life is not good. I'm getting fed up with continually recharging it. I may have to shop soon.



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