I had to go to the physio yesterday. I've been having trouble with my right arm - I can't life anything without pain. The doctor was at a loss - no suggestions which would help.
In the end, the physio tells me that I have been overcompensating in the need to protect my left arm.
My cancer was in my left breast and a lymph node was taken from that side. I was told that I had to be careful from then on - blood pressure and blood tests all had to be taken from my right arm.
Subconsciously, I have been using my right arm for everything - including lifting heavy weights - and the bicep has thickened noticeably. It's so bad in fact there is a danger of actually rupturing it. If this happens it means more surgery. So, I now have to start doing more with my left arm and I have to stretch my right bicep as much as possible.
If it's not one thing...
On a totally different matter, I am now researching the iPad Pro. I have an iPad Air 2 right now and the battery life is not good. I'm getting fed up with continually recharging it. I may have to shop soon.
For the last 2 weeks I have been transferring ebooks from one memory card to a larger card and today I finished.
It took me over a week just to set up the card with the folders that I wanted and I was able to do this on my mac. I then had to go to the library to put the books into the folders. My mac doesn't talk to my ereader and if I tried to transfer the books directly onto the memory card a lot of false files were also made. These were really painful to deal with. Therefore, for the last week I have been going to the public library to use their pcs.
It is time to celebrate.
It's taken me 5 days but I have finished.
I've been setting up a new memory card for my ereader and it has been a very time consuming task. I could do so much at home - this is the finished bit - but the rest will have to be done at the public library.
I have a Mac which wont talk to my ereader but it will talk to my memory card. For the last 5 days I have been making new folders for my books on the card. I cannot transfer the books on to the card via the Mac though as it creates false files which are an absolute pain to deal with. Therefore folders were made on the Mac and on Monday I will go to the library and start transferring the books. This will take several visits as I am only allowed to use the library computers for a total of 2 hours each day.
My ereader, by the way, lets me put folders into folders into folders which means that I can really organize my ebooks. I have to be able to do this for my own sanity.
I deserve a reward!
I haven't posted in this journal for years so I thought that I should give it a go.
Why do I do this to myself? I love good quality sheets and while out today I wandered into the shop which sells my favourite brand. They are pure cotton and are a thousand count. Normally, they are about $400 a set but they were having a sale - 40% off. I put two pairs on lay bye. I'll pay them off very quickly but still I really didn't need to buy. I just cant refuse a bargain.
I also spent 2 hours at the gym and then 2 hours at the public library. I'm transferring all my ebooks on to a new memory card and it is taking forever. I have over 5000 books now. I can use my Mac at home to set up the folders for the books but I have to use the PCs at the library to copy the books onto the card - if I try it at home my Mac creates false files which is a real pain.
I'll be creating more files tonight and then going back to the library tomorrow to transfer more books. I not buying any more books until this job is complete.
Wish me luck.


May. 30th, 2009 03:19 pm
I haven't done much over here yet but thanks besamebj for granting me access to your journal. I appreciate it.



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